IIA Surgical Devices

IIA Surgical Devices commenced trading in 1989 providing

Surgical equipment to Health Care facilities, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company commenced business with the same philosophy that holds true today.


Our Story

The company quickly developed and commenced importing its own range of products in the areas of Cardiothoracic surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and Trauma management. In 1995 the business began collaboration with French thoracic physicians to develop a spray pleurodesis delivery system which became the standard for treating malignant effusions and spontaneous pneumothorax.

The business also has a long history of working with surgeons developing surgical implants for facial reconstruction, tissue expansion, and congenital defects such as pectum excavartum and breast reconstruction.

Our Mission & Vision

The company has also an enviable reputation in interventional cardiology and trauma management introducing the use of the intraossesous needle bone gun in 2005 to the Australia Trauma market.

In 2008 the business was restructured and the company became IIA Surgical Devices We have a long history in the surgical industry and significant clinical experience.


How It All Started

Importing Innovations Australasia origins date back to 1989 and commenced business as a surgical and medical device company in Adelaide South Australia. The business originally commenced with two directors and quickly built a reputation for sourcing unique devices for specific clinical needs.

The key to the early success of the business was the close collaboration with surgeons and other medical professionals to develop technologies and source surgical and medical products that met a need.

We remain focused on those early values and they remain strong in our business philosophy today.

The company is an approved medical device importer (TGA) and a member of the Institute for Biomedical Science.

We are working closely with overseas manufacturers to capture the market demand for products which offer a solution to healthcare acquired issues.

As a company we see the need to diversify and expand our scope to encompass new technologies which will carry us forward into the next decade.

Our focus for new technologies as a boutique company focuses on products from countries such as Israel, Canada and the USA.

In developing and bringing to market surgical devices from boutique manufacturers we offer unique product solutions for complex clinical challenges.

IAA Surgical Devices is based in Melbourne Australia and has a dedicated team of surgical sales staff and office support staff which cover all of the major centres throughout Australia and New Zealand and South East Asia. The business philosophy is to continually improve and source new product offerings for our customers, and to develop long standing relationships with new suppliers and manufacturers.