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IIA Surgical are proud to have been appointed the exclusive distributors for the Prytime Medical

range of trauma devices, and training tools.

Prytime Medical are a boutique manufacturer of interventional occlusion catheters for use

In exsanguinating bleeding.

Please read more below on the Prytime range of products now offered by IIA Surgical Devices .



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EVTM manual

Bleeding and Haemodynamic control.

Describes the emerging clinical use of REBOA and other Endovascular Trauma Management Techniques for resuscitation.

Top Stent

Top Stent

The art of Endovascular hybrid trauma. The first instructional text that covers all aspects of Endovascular trauma management.

Exhibitions and events

Supporting our products and clients in extending clinical knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies in medicine and surgery.

Prytime 7fr ER REBOA

The ER REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta) catheter is the worlds first device to control life threatening non compressable truncal haemorrhage with a 7fr profile.

The device is quick to deploy and designed for both surgeons and trauma physicians to use to control bleeding in the emergency room, operating theatre or pre hospital setting.

STAAR REBOA training manikin

The STAAR trainer is the first positive pressure flow loop manikin designed to teach trauma teams the technique of femoral artery cannulation,sheath placement, and insertion and positioning of the ER REBOA catheter.

Educational products

Adaptive training for our complete range of products
including inservice programs, educational training courses,
and equipment hire.